Definition Of sluiced


wash or rinse freely with a stream or shower of water.

she sluiced her face in cold water

Example Of sluiced

  • And doctors' surgeries be audited like a family bathroom, to save harmful, unnatural chemicals being sluiced around these places of healing?

  • And once we'd boxed up his butchering gear and sluiced down the boards of the wagon, a bucket at a time, it became something we never talked on again.

  • As the hot water sluiced into the sunken tub, easing her aches and pains, she began to think about the gruelling casting.

  • As the hot, revitalising water began sluicing through her hair, gentle jazz piano wafted from the main dorm.

  • Coming up and sluicing the water from his face he got his bearings and then swam over to where Rebecca was leaning against the wall.

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