Definition Of sloop

a one-masted sailboat with a fore-and-aft mainsail and a jib.

I like storms even though one tried to kill me a few years ago, late at night on a 36-foot sloop with its full mainsail still stupidly up, twenty miles from the nearest shore of Lake Superior.

Example Of sloop

  • A collection of tattered men o'war and patched sloops is firing directly over the decks of the old admiral's flagship and into the area of HMS Brown.

  • A procession of big cruising sloops was entering the marina, and I suddenly realized that their skippers intended to dock under sail.

  • A small sloop approaches the shore ferrying a group of passengers from Gloucester.

  • Again, that's great stuff for kids - it's pirates, it's pistols, it's cutlasses, it's galleons and sloops and swords.

  • Along the edges of the convoys sailed a variety of ships: graceful sloops , chunky corvettes, slim gunboats like the Dutch Soemba, antisubmarine patrol craft, fast PT boats, and everywhere sleek destroyers.

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