Definition Of slaughte


kill (animals) for food.

When I say meat, I do mean slaughtered animals killed for food.

the killing of animals for food.

The course covers meat processing from slaughter to packaging, food preparation and export compliance, health and safety, and communication skills.

Example Of slaughte

  • a magnificent 5–0 slaughter of Coventry

  • A right hook flush to the jaw followed by a straight left and another right hook to the trapped Cecane, prompted referee Lulama Mtya to step in and stop the one-sided slaughter .

  • At least 7,000 animals already face slaughter .

  • Brutal conquests to be sure, his bloody wake of slaughter in the violent thirteenth century led to the murder of untold millions.

  • He raised the issue again this past Sunday, threatening war unless the government sets up a commission to investigate the alleged ethnic slaughter in Bukavu.

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