Definition Of skinner


a person who skins animals or prepares skins.

This would mean that participants could qualify as chefs, skinners , trackers or professional hunters and be recognised for their skills.

Example Of skinner

  • All those skinners , dyers, bakers, masons, weavers and hammermen seemed to be mocking us now.

  • Before nightfall, another ranch hand, a jerkline skinner named Slim, presented the childlike Lennie with a puppy from his dog's litter.

  • Bullwhackers and mule skinners hated camels and dreaded meeting them on the trail.

  • For example, the advertised possum skinner went away to Auckland and no one knew when or if he was coming back.

  • He had come far since his birth in Pollokshaws in 1735, the son of a humble skinner .

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