Definition Of shoot


(in soccer, hockey, basketball, etc.) kick, hit, or throw the ball or puck in an attempt to score a goal.

Williams twice shot wide

(of a plant or seed) send out buds or shoots; germinate.

Vines were also shooting out at Hadez as he spoke.

a rapid in a stream.

follow the portages that skirt all nine shoots of whitewater

a young branch or sucker springing from the main stock of a tree or other plant.

he nipped off the new shoots that grew where the leaves joined the stems

an occasion when a group of people hunt and shoot game for sport.

a grouse shoot

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Example Of shoot

  • a ball pitching on that spot would sometimes shoot

  • a grouse shoot

  • activities include a weekly rifle shoot

  • Admittedly, there are a lot of consumer products used by those who hunt and shoot that are only vaguely related to the sport.

  • after school, we'd go straight out in the alley to shoot baskets

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