Definition Of shaver


a young lad.

little shavers and their older brothers

an electric razor.

In his new post, he oversees all functions of lighters, shavers , writing instruments and white-out correction products.

Example Of shaver

  • But it was known that appliances such as shavers , hairdryers and vacuum cleaners could produce strong alternating magnetic fields - as could electric trams and trains.

  • He grinned and waved an instrument at me that I soon realised closely resembled a shaver .

  • I am on light electrical goods - irons, food mixers, shavers and the like.

  • I know one officer who nearly strangled his son because he caught him using his shaver , for fear he might cut himself.

  • I've had but three shavers in my life, all triple-head rotary models: my dad's hand-me-down corded white one, and two I've owned, one silver and one black.

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