Definition Of shape


give a particular shape or form to.

most caves are shaped by the flow of water through limestone

Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe.

the external form or appearance characteristic of someone or something; the outline of an area or figure.

she liked the shape of his nose

the particular condition or state of someone or something.

he was in no shape to drive

Example Of shape

  • A fulfilled national dream, the railway changed the lives of every man, woman and child in Canada and altered the future and shape of the nation.

  • And Guggisberg insists that all national history must contain an element of exceptionalism to give shape to national identity.

  • As water froths into to foam and spray in small rapids, so I shifted into my feline shape and ghosted toward and, with some difficulty, through a window.

  • Carter has a client that is looking to buy a club that is in bad shape physically and financially.

  • check that your structure will give shape to your essay

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