Definition Of serviceable


fulfilling its function adequately; usable.

an aging but still serviceable water supply system

Example Of serviceable

  • A technical team from BA reported in June that the capital's airport was serviceable despite damage sustained during the recent conflict but some doubt still hovers over the reopening.

  • And that makes it more than serviceable for the normal run of fanatical ideologues, confirmed partisans and weak-minded bumpkins to make use of endlessly.

  • As a description of a function in an organism the word is perfectly serviceable .

  • ‘It is important to check oil levels, the coolant levels and the hydraulic fuel regularly and to make sure the spare wheel is serviceable ,’ Mr Faughnan added.

  • ‘The maintainers who keep the aircraft serviceable have learnt lessons there, to improve system knowledge to shorten servicing times,’ he said.

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