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the analysis of oneself, in particular one's motives and character.

He later recognized that self-analysis should be replaced by a training analysis conducted by another person.

Example Of self-analysis

  • A clear understanding of communication thus becomes an important step towards self-analysis , priorities, character and values of life.

  • Adolescence is known to be a period of exploratory self-analysis and self-evaluation ideally culminating in the establishment of a cohesive and integrative sense of self or identity.

  • After much self-analysis , I've realized that while I am enthusiastic, energetic, and adventurous, I have the tendency to lose interest on the job after a short time.

  • Cash has been through so much therapy, counselling and self-analysis that he now doesn't have to think for one second about how he felt at a particular moment, what was going through his mind or why he did any particular thing.

  • Do you guys worry about how far you can go with that kind of reflective self-analysis ?

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