Definition Of seize


(of a machine with moving parts or a moving part in a machine) become stuck or jammed.

the engine seized up after only three weeks

be in legal possession of.

the court is currently seized of custody applications

fasten or attach (someone or something) to something by binding with turns of rope.

take hold of suddenly and forcibly.

she jumped up and seized his arm

Example Of seize

  • A decision to seize the opportunity they present could have a major impact on the left internationally.

  • After years of growing estrangement, cricket recognised its chance to seize the public's imagination.

  • Cooper writes about post-modern politics as an opportunity we must seize .

  • Customs officers at Dublin Airport yesterday seized a drugs shipment worth €1.3m which was bound for New York.

  • Find opportunities and seize chances to convey the message of Islam to others.

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