Definition Of scrath


(of a sports competitor or event) with no handicap given.

I never ever did beat Jonno off a scratch event, but Harry used to make sure that Jon always gave me a start and I'd get the best out of myself by trying to stay in front.

a mark or wound made by scratching.

the scratches on her arm were throbbing

assembled or made from whatever is available, and so unlikely to be of the highest quality.

at least two vessels set sail with scratch crews

cancel or strike out (writing) with a pen or pencil.

the name of Dr. McNab was scratched out and that of Dr. Daniels substituted


he was working to get some scratch together

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Example Of scrath

  • A scratch crew from the rest of current affairs had to do the job instead.

  • A scratch golfer who mixes freely with professionals in that game, McGwire is a good judge of what he sees and hears around the circuit.

  • A driver who escaped without a scratch when his car plunged 50 feet down a moorland ravine has told of his amazing escape.

  • Although the event is scratch matchplay, Air Force golfers on handicaps up to 18 are encouraged to nominate.

  • An allconquering Trinity side from the 1970s is to be pitted against a scratch team of young hopefuls.

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