Definition Of scrabble


a board game in which players use lettered tiles to create words in a crossword fashion.

So, we were playing obscene Scrabble with double points for swear words and cocktail names.

an act of scratching or scrambling for something.

he heard the scrabble of claws behind him

scratch or grope around with one's fingers to find, collect, or hold onto something.

she scrabbled at the grassy slope, desperate for a firm grip

Example Of scrabble

  • a scrabble among the salesmen to avoid going to the bottom of the heap

  • A scrabble sounded behind them and it seemed as though someone had put a blindfold over their eyes.

  • All was silent except the panting of the Ellingham's and the occasional scrabble at the door.

  • At one point there was a mad scrabble for the ball and the umpire blew for a bounce.

  • Birds and other unseen creatures scrabble about in the windswept bushes of central park, but I would rather not deliberate too much about that.

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