Definition Of scamp


a person, especially a child, who is mischievous in a likable or amusing way.

One of the main differences we'll find it in is the way the familiar angels and devils are caricatured in a innocent-looking style, but that's deceiving; they are scamps , mischievous and even violent characters.

do (something) in a perfunctory or inadequate way.

This is the most interesting aspect of Harvey's story and it is unfortunately scamped .

Example Of scamp

  • A retreat into a redemptive enclave of winkingly open-minded post-Marxist scamps , it's nearly pristine in its high-minded tomfoolery.

  • A young scamp in the comments box gently chided me for the fact that none of my favourites were recorded later than the 1980's.

  • Apparently, many underage Korean scamps borrow adults' resident registration numbers and credit card numbers to log onto adult sites.

  • Are their children adorable little scamps or perfect little angels?

  • Dad's well aware, then, that the little scamps can't give up their penchant for… water balloons.

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