Definition Of savvy


know or understand.

Charley would savvy what to do about such a girl

shrewd and knowledgeable in the realities of life.

I've had this question asked of me more than any other over the past couple of years - interestingly enough, mostly by industry veterans and savvy players who know the ropes.

shrewdness and practical knowledge, especially in politics or business.

the financiers lacked the necessary political savvy

Example Of savvy

  • After taking on this user interface project, I'm a lot more insightful about design issues and, well, rather humbled by the amount of design savvy I have yet to gain.

  • Along with their technical skills, these researchers possess unusual business and media savvy , say their peers.

  • Alongside good looks and maybe talent, a little business savvy never hurt anyone trying to get somewhere in the music industry.

  • Also, the more technically savvy a participating business is, the easier it is to continue to keep up-to-date with technologies.

  • At only 17, he has amassed a private fortune with his business savvy , founded, like Uma's success, on his linguistic flexibility.

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