Definition Of roe


a small Eurasian deer that lacks a visible tail and has a reddish summer coat that turns grayish in winter.

They preyed on roe deer , red deer, and wild boar, but were also much loathed and dreaded for their depredations against livestock, especially sheep.

rules of engagement (in combat).

the mass of eggs contained in the ovaries of a female fish or shellfish, typically including the ovaries themselves, especially when ripe and used as food.

You need smoked cod's roe , which many good fishmongers sell.

Example Of roe

  • A mixture of alder, cherry, oak and other native species has attracted red squirrels as well as roe deer , hares and kingfishers.

  • A rice porridge called ciporosayo was prepared by adding salmon roe to boiled grains.

  • Add the sake to the codfish soft roe and mix to combine.

  • At the end of the Anglo-Saxon period they were pursuing red deer and roe deer , animals which are all but absent in earlier bone assemblages.

  • Close to the thigh bone, archaeologists found a group of butchered Mesolithic animal bones, including aurochs, roe deer and otter.

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