Definition Of roan

an animal with a roan coat.

the roan on the right is a stallion

denoting an animal, especially a horse or cow, having a coat of a main color thickly interspersed with hairs of another color, typically bay, chestnut, or black mixed with white.

Gualtero rounded the corner leading the horses - his palomino stallion, Sullivan's buckskin mare, and a third horse, a roan mare with a creamy blond mane and tail.

soft flexible leather made from sheepskin, used in bookbinding as an inexpensive substitute for morocco.

Example Of roan

  • A stableboy met them with a roan pony, sleek and comfortably saddled.

  • A townsman appeared in the door as we approached, leading one of the roan Belgians out onto the road.

  • As if on cue, the chestnut roan he had given her to ride stomped its hoof in agreement, undoubtedly tired and hungry herself.

  • As the lead donkey, a roan stallion came within a hundred paces of the gate, it stopped and the animals began to bunch up behind him.

  • ‘I don't see the gray man you described or a roan pinto though,’ Biagio said.

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