Definition Of respondent


a defendant in a lawsuit, especially one in an appeals or divorce case.

Very well, and these other affidavits, I take it, are affidavits filed by the respondent .

a person who replies to something, especially one supplying information for a survey or questionnaire or responding to an advertisement.

Always be clear about how you want respondents to indicate their replies when answering closed questions.

in the position of defendant in a lawsuit.

the respondent defendant

involving or denoting a response, especially a conditioned reflex, to a specific stimulus.

The results demonstrated that the sociality of a situation potentiates respondent laughter.

replying to something, especially a survey or questionnaire.

the respondent firms in the survey

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Example Of respondent

  • A few respondents thought they might be missing out on potentially interesting information.

  • After you finish question 12, thank the respondent for their time and offer them the info sheet that explains more about this study.

  • Almost one fourth of the respondents replied that it was cheaper than they expected.

  • Analysis included comparison between and within respondent groups.

  • At two years follow up we sent a postal questionnaire to those respondents who had been free of forearm pain at baseline.

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