Definition Of reshuffles


an act of reorganizing or rearranging something.

he was brought into the government in the last reshuffle

reorganize or change the positions of (government appointees, members of a team, etc.).

the president was forced to reshuffle his cabinet

shuffle (playing cards) again.

Youngman is requesting that Garcia reshuffle the cards

Example Of reshuffles

  • Alternatively, a Prime Minister may reshuffle a minister who has been associated with policies which have failed or which are unpopular.

  • And the fact that there'll be the ministerial reshuffle is a mere co-incidence.

  • Are the cards reshuffled when the last card is drawn or when someone needs to draw a card?

  • Downing Street is not confirming when the announcement will be made amid signs that the prime minister is struggling to resolve the conundrum of how to reshuffle his junior ministers.

  • Far from suffering boardroom reshuffles , the current management team has been leading the business for over 18 months.

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