Definition Of republicans


a member or supporter of the Republican Party.

Neal says he believes more than 300 members of the House will support his bill if Republicans allow it to reach the floor.

a person advocating or supporting republican government.

Third, the monarchists did not win the November 6 referendum: the republicans lost it.

Example Of republicans

  • Among the greatest of the Southern republicans was John Randolph of Roanoke - the aristocratic libertarian.

  • But in 1998 the Republicans decided that the United States should not be subject to these provisions.

  • Candidates are then chosen in primaries dominated by core left-wing Democrats or right-wing Republicans .

  • Deficits and the public debt have piled up mountainously since then, and few people care, least of all conservative Republicans .

  • Even conservative Republicans are growing antsy at the new spending and the return of dreaded deficits.

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