Definition Of represses


subdue (someone or something) by force.

the uprisings were repressed

Example Of represses

  • A mere eight years after Sebald voiced grave concerns about Germany's propensity to repress the past, to always be ‘looking and looking away at the same time,’ it is now no longer possible to look away.

  • Alice, then, represses her own desires and submits to Rufus's desires.

  • Anglo - American troops face a well organised militia who were especially repressed by the dictator and had hitherto seemed willing to cooperate with his removers.

  • As part landscape painting, part portraiture, the maps evoke a topography fixed forever in time, thus repressing the chaotic historical circumstances of Ireland during the years of the map's production from 1826 to 1852.

  • As the plot unfolds, Sonya finds that she has to repress herself in order to fit into mainstream American culture and attain her goals.

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