Definition Of repeal


revoke or annul (a law or congressional act).

the legislation was repealed five months later

the action of revoking or annulling a law or congressional act.

the House voted in favor of repeal

Example Of repeal

  • A tax-reform panel has recommended eliminating the tax, but repeal would cost $1.2 trillion over the next decade.

  • And since most experts agree that a full, permanent repeal of the estate tax under the new legislation is unlikely - there's no time like the present.

  • Are you sure repeal will get you all the money you need?

  • As most professionals now understand, the recently enacted estate tax repeal means that there is no estate tax repeal .

  • Finally, the Act of 1534 repealed the Act of 1484, and further stated that aliens could only sell wholesale wares to English-born printers or stationers, and that no bound books were to be imported at all.

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