Definition Of remove


a degree of remoteness or separation.

at this remove , the whole incident seems insane

be distant from.

it is an isolated place, far removed from the London art world

eliminate or get rid of.

the iron can be removed by filtration

separated by a particular number of steps of descent.

his second cousin once removed

take (something) away or off from the position occupied.

Customs officials removed documents from the premises

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Example Of remove

  • Alain was in a position to easily remove Howarth's pistol from its holster, unnoticed.

  • And I don't think it'd be fair to remove him at this point in time.

  • And this poll was taken during that crucial cabinet meeting that decided it would remove him at some date and time to be specified.

  • at this remove , the whole incident seems insane

  • Black and white films, with their obvious remove from everyday life, achieve this psychological distance more readily than those shot in color.

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