Definition Of regularize


make (something) regular.

The task then is to find ways to regularize the movement of workers to where they can be productively employed.

Example Of regularize

  • Although there is some evidence for localized schemes of drainage and regularized land allotment, there is no hint of any overall scheme of land division.

  • an electrical implant to regularize the heartbeat

  • At that time, the modern nation-state began to regularize taxation and renounce the use of surprise plunder and confiscation as fiscal devices.

  • Attempts in 1770 to regularize supplies in the hands of a few chosen merchants led to rumours of a ‘famine pact’ devised by rascally ministers to starve the king's subjects.

  • Britain regularised its system only in the late 1970s and in Indian society, which is just beginning to accept formal adoption (taking in orphaned relatives and friends has its own history in India), there is a long way to go.

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