Meaning Of reconquer

फिर जीतना

Synonyms Of reconquer

Definition Of reconquer

conquer again.

They were pawns in the Vatican's plan to reconquer Scotland and reinstate the regime of the cardinals, the bishops and the priests.

Example Of reconquer

  • After the reconquest of Ottoman Hungary in 1687, Leopold was again in a position to impose a solution of his own, but declined to use it.

  • Alfonso I and his son Sancho I reconquered the remaining Portuguese territory from the Muslims.

  • Attracting numerous barbarian auxiliaries through generous payments, Justinian managed to reconquer much of Italy and the coastal strip of southern Spain, bolstering his claim to be reviving the empire's glory.

  • But after the Austrian defeat at Wagram, the French under Eugène reconquered the region.

  • But he was eager to emulate his father and reconquer parts of Germany lost after the defeat of Quinctilius Varus.

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