Definition Of reckons


conclude after calculation; be of the opinion.

he reckons that the army should pull out entirely

establish by counting or calculation; calculate.

his debts were reckoned at $300,000

rely on or be sure of doing, having, or dealing with.

they had reckoned on a day or two more of privacy

Example Of reckons

  • ‘What do you reckon on this place?’ she asked

  • But he hadn't reckoned on the opposition of the local community and their parish-wide fight to preserve the house as a tourist attraction.

  • But one local resident reckons that's not the case and insists a survey carried out last year said the trees could last another 50 years.

  • But the German state of Saxony alone puts the damage caused by the floods there at 16 billion euros; Austria reckons on a cleanup bill of 2 billion euros; the Czech Republic 3 billion and Hungary and Slovakia over 100 million.

  • Byrne now reckons it was not such a bad time to set up in business.

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