Definition Of recidivist


a convicted criminal who reoffends, especially repeatedly.

Only a handful of recidivists and unrepentant individuals convicted of major crimes against the faith were put to death.

denoting a person who repeatedly reoffends.

recidivist male prisoners

Example Of recidivist

  • A recidivist drink-driver was up on another set of serious drink-driving charges, and the case was dismissed because of delays in the justice system.

  • A non-custodial sentence, by definition, is regarded as something that is imposed when the person is not a serious or recidivist offender.

  • Again, odds ratios were stronger for recidivistic violence than for violence in general or property offending.

  • Also, should prisoners who repeatedly commit crime spend a longer time behind bars simply because they're recidivists ?

  • Although cruelty to animals seems to hold potential as a predictor of recidivistic firesetting, it is most likely an externalizing behavior that correlates highly with delinquency.

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