Definition Of reappraised


appraise or assess (something) again or in a different way.

it made me reappraise my attitudes

Example Of reappraised

  • After this close shave, he started to reappraise the relationship between management and staff and started to give people more say in the running of the business.

  • And if it's not there I have to reappraise that person as ‘my friend’.

  • ‘Each woman must be considered as an individual and we recommend that women's cases are reappraised annually,’ a spokeswoman said.

  • Blackett's scathing remarks will have reverberated within both government and the military authorities and perhaps the host of pending courts martial will be reappraised , in advance.

  • Does this excite your interest, activate your curiosity, lead you to reappraise the familiar; does it set in motion a process of questioning?

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