Definition Of reantagonizing


cause (someone) to become hostile.

he antagonized many colleagues during the budget wars

Example Of reantagonizing

  • After all, it's a tiny place that earns a substantial part of its living by hosting the enormous EU bureaucracy so it's not the kind of country that stands to benefit from antagonising anybody.

  • Another approach is using drugs to antagonise the peripheral effects of opioids so that bowel dysfunction is reversed, speeding discharge from hospital.

  • But he quickly antagonises local people who want the land to be owned and used for the community's benefit.

  • Councils in Bolton and Manchester have also recently come under fire with calls from politicians to get a grip of wardens whose hard-line approach is antagonising motorists and driving shoppers out of the towns.

  • For example, oxytocin's calming effects are enhanced by estrogen, but antagonized by androgen, she notes.

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