Definition Of reach


a continuous extent of land or water, especially a stretch of river between two bends, or the part of a canal between locks.

the upper reaches of the Nile

a distance traversed in reaching.

an act of reaching out with one's arm.

she made a reach for him

arrive at; get as far as.

“Goodbye,” she said as they reached the door

sail with the wind blowing from the side, or from slightly behind the side, of the ship.

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Example Of reach

  • After a certain time and a certain growth-rate peak, you reach a point of diminishing returns.

  • anyone in need of assistance should reach out to the authorities as soon as possible

  • Apparently, the two parties could not reach a mutually satisfying agreement on a new deal.

  • Attempts were made to reach her by telephone, so she changed her number.

  • Dean has been able to reach more people at a faster rate and at a lower cost than the traditional direct mail approach.

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