Definition Of ravish


fill (someone) with intense delight; enrapture.

ravished by a sunny afternoon, she had agreed without even thinking

seize and carry off (someone) by force.

One night a wolf comes and kills many chickens and ravishes a lamb.

Example Of ravish

  • All the narrative divulges to the reader is that Alec is not as ‘ruthless’ as those ancient ravishers , Tess's ancestors, taking their seigneurial rights.

  • He loathed the reality that Estelle was with child by a ravisher .

  • He was supposed to have kept her awake, not ravish her, not rut her like some animal.

  • Her language mirrors, or perhaps parodies, the conventional seduction tale - the isolated young maiden, without a loving family to guide her, falls prey to ‘the voice ‘of her ravisher who then leaves her to her fate.’

  • I mean, imagine, actually speaking to your daughter's ravisher .

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