Definition Of quests


a long or arduous search for something.

the quest for a reliable vaccine has intensified

search for something.

he was a real scientist, questing after truth

Example Of quests

  • A haunting air of regret hangs over each country-tinged waltz, as jaded experience battles with eternal hope in the quest for love.

  • As such they are integral to the quest for political hegemony.

  • But writing does function as the object of desire for the heroine, that which she quests after, that which sustains her subjectivity and gives her consciousness of otherness in the world.

  • Dark Earth is the story of a young Glaswegian couple, Euan and Valerie, questing for quality time alone together as they visit the Antonine Wall in West Lothian.

  • Down you go, and down, and further down, spiralling into the seismically unstable bowels of the Los Angeles earth in circles of looming darkness, questing for a parking space of your own, further and further down.

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