Definition Of purblind


having impaired or defective vision.

Example Of purblind

  • As a stylist, Rothbart is terse but not flippant, displaying a genuine compassion for his purblind characters.

  • Babichev, who personifies the purblind utopianism of the Communist regime, cuts a truly grotesque figure as the votary of social planning, epitomized in his quest for the perfect mass-produced sausage.

  • But is not the use of the cultural Other as a catalyst for one's own transcendent function a selfish, purblind appropriation, acting, against rather than for, crosscultural understanding?

  • But the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the agency charged with safeguarding the nation's 103 reactors, remained strangely purblind to the threat.

  • Even when you're a purblind dogmatist who wants to shut it down, I guess you've got to at least pay lip service to it, which explains the name.

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