Definition Of punch


a blow with the fist.

They ram into the wall, exchanging body blows and punches as they scuffle.

a device or machine for making holes in materials such as paper, leather, metal, and plaster.

Use those bits of leftover wrapping paper and a hole punch to make confetti (a great job for the kids)!

a drink made with fruit juices, soda, spices, and sometimes liquor, typically served in small cups from a large bowl.

Iced tea, fruit punch , water, milk, coffee, and hot tea were complimentary.

a grotesque, hook-nosed, humpbacked buffoon, the chief male character of the Punch and Judy show. Punch is the English variant of a stock character derived ultimately from Italian commedia dell'arte.

a tool or machine for impressing a design or stamping a die on a material.

He began to concentrate on the design and manufacture of punch , stamp and draw tools for the production of metal car panels.

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Example Of punch

  • A well-aimed punch sucks all the air out of my lungs and I fall gasping.

  • After it is cut down, sheet stock goes to the turret punch to get holes put in as needed, goes to a brake press to be bent.

  • ‘Impact upon his body’ can mean an auto accident, a fall, a punch , a blow, or a gunshot.

  • Both music tracks are outstanding, with only the boost of the amplifier giving it an extra punch .

  • Brant drew back his fist and landed a punch squarely on the right-side of his face.

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