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The availability of steaming pulchritude has always been a magnetic feature of college life but I never thought that it would be emphasized in recruiting literature.

Example Of pulchritude

  • Alas, his heart is not as strong as it once was, a condition that becomes more worrisome both physiologically and affectively when he awakes in a hospital to find a remarkably pulchritudinous young woman at his bedside.

  • Attracted in turn to the youthful pulchritude of Laura and Claire, he describes his obsession for the latter as ‘pure desire in a void’, but it is a contrived passion that could be more aptly characterised as devoid of pure desire.

  • Borrowdale, stretching south from the attractive bustle of Keswick and the tranquillity of Derwent Water, is about as beautiful as it gets in this admittedly very pulchritudinous corner of northern England.

  • Camp lovers and connoisseurs of buxom pulchritude may find these worth a peek.

  • Female news readers tend to get the sack when they have passed the stage of pulchritude .

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