Definition Of pseudonymous


writing or written under a false name.

the pseudonymous author of this mystery

Example Of pseudonymous

  • Another myth is dynamited in The Spectator in which a pseudonymous publisher reveals the truth behind bookshop ‘recommendations’.

  • ‘You do see some of the barriers of rank and hierarchy break down,’ says the woman who blogs pseudonymously as the Invisible Adjunct.

  • Curiously it was only today that off-blog I was talking about women choosing to blog anonymously or pseudonymously , through reasons of fear.

  • He found a nice little bit by Bruce Metzger saying that Jude probably wrote Jude, since it's unlikely that anyone writing pseudonymously would choose the name Judas.

  • In the Chronicle of Higher Education, a pseudonymous assistant professor writes about the burdens of being a conservative student and then tenure-track professor.

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