Definition Of privateer


an armed ship owned and officered by private individuals holding a government commission and authorized for use in war, especially in the capture of enemy merchant shipping.

The US navy also took 50 merchant ships, while privateers took a further 450.

engage in the activities of a privateer.

Example Of privateer

  • According to the records of Lloyds, between 1775 and 1781 American privateers captured 2,600 British merchantmen.

  • Bored with this profession, or aware that it was a declining industry, Paine left home and shipped aboard a privateer in 1756.

  • Great names are associated with the privateers and the ships that sailed the waters off the south coast of Ireland including the name of the great John Paul Jones.

  • he finished top privateer in the world championships

  • He spent two years in the post, toiling to save Louis XVI, sheltering aristocrats from the Paris mob, and working hard to protect American merchant vessels against French privateers .

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