Definition Of presbytery


a body of church elders and ministers, especially (in Presbyterian churches) an administrative body (court) representing all the local congregations of a district.

To be added to the church's constitution, the ban must be ratified by a majority of the church's 173 presbyteries before the denomination meets in June.

the eastern part of a church chancel beyond the choir; the sanctuary.

The climbers are working on top of the three-tiered presbytery and transept, which were built in the 13th century.

the house of a Roman Catholic parish priest.

The parish is, in effect, being run from the presbytery but the only priest the people see is at Mass on a Sunday.

Example Of presbytery

  • A City priest vowed yesterday that he is no longer willing to turn the other cheek and tolerate the repeated acts of wanton vandalism to the windows of the presbytery which is also his home.

  • A January 20 meeting will bring presbytery and Hunger Program personnel together to discuss the issue.

  • Abandoned blackhouses are perched on the edge of the east coast surrounded by peat bogs, and the walls of his chemical factory now form the garden wall of the Catholic presbytery .

  • According to the presbytery , the charges all involved adult women.

  • At this time, he also left his presbytery , where disciplinary charges had been filed against him, and joined the Christian Reformed Church.

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