Definition Of prandial


during or relating to dinner or lunch.

The other opposition member, for his part, long before the prandial hour he had been out to lunch!

Example Of prandial

  • Ligation of the parotid ducts is reserved for ‘salvage’ if thin sialorrhoea persists to avoid too great a reduction of prandial salivary output with thick viscid saliva or xerostomia (a very morbid outcome for the patient).

  • Looking glum throughout the prandial affair, the former president afterwards e-mailed John Adams.

  • No, they were pre-prandial and prandial and post-prandial.

  • One, therefore, must savour, (to pick up the prandial metaphor), what is put in front of you and try to ignore what has gone before.

  • Regular insulin provide basal and prandial effects.

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