Definition Of pound


a place where stray animals, especially dogs, may be officially taken and kept until claimed by their owners or otherwise disposed of.

Aided by a donkey sanctuary welfare officer, he followed a trail that led him to animal pounds and fields in remote areas in the black of night.

a unit of weight in general use equal to 16 oz. avoirdupois (0.4536 kg).

A short ton is the standard U.S. ton of 2,000 pounds and measures weight.

shut (an animal) in a pound.

strike or hit heavily and repeatedly.

Patrick pounded the couch with his fists

Example Of pound

  • pound sterling

  • pound the cloves with salt and pepper until smooth

  • After 40 pitches he tires, or opponents adjust and pound him.

  • Anyone who has a problem with stray dogs can contact the County Dog Warden who will arrange to have the dog brought to an animal pound .

  • At 1930 he and many other vehicles that had been stopped were escorted by police to the pound in East London, where our bakkie was impounded.

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