Definition Of post-paid


(with reference to a letter or parcel) on which postage has already been paid.

use the postpaid envelope provided

Example Of post-paid

  • He also gave me a post-paid bag so I could mail the dead phone away to be recycled.

  • She urged anyone who receives one of the survey forms this week through the post to return it using the post-paid envelope as quickly as possible.

  • Stacks of questionnaires are on hand for us to fill in and send to the Guildhall by March 14 in the post-paid envelopes that are also supplied.

  • The DVD is beautifully packaged in a bag that doubles as a post-paid return envelope - the whole concept is well thought out.

  • They recently sent me a letter, with a post-paid envelope and a request to re-subscribe or at least write back and explain why I'd given up on them.

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