Definition Of pollute


contaminate (water, air, or a place) with harmful or poisonous substances.

the explosion polluted the town with dioxin

Example Of pollute

  • A factory polluting your air or water supply is a typical example of one.

  • A new medical study says they are more susceptible to some forms of cancer than the average Italian, possibly due to illegal waste dumps that pollute the water and soil.

  • At least when you are home you can sit in your own Cadillacs for hours in the rush traffic and pollute the air as much you like, destroying the ozone layer and blame it on us smokers.

  • Changing the by-law that protects us will only benefit the lobbyists who are promoters of the industry which will further pollute our air and water.

  • Consequently the big polluters , the highly industrialised countries which are mostly in the temperate zones, get away with it with relative impunity.

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