Synonyms Of platinum blonde


Definition Of platinum blonde


(of hair) silvery blond.

His hair was platinum blonde , almost silver, and cut short and neat.

a person with silvery-blond hair.

It wasn't that Clark looked horribly ridiculous as a platinum blonde , it just didn't suit his personality.

Example Of platinum blonde

  • ‘Rock has been dead for a long time, but it's coming back strong,’ says the ultraglam platinum blond , known for his flawless makeup, skimpy rags, and prominent package.

  • Candy laughed, flipping her platinum blond hair across one shoulder casually.

  • For this look, Boozer colored Eve's hair platinum blond then created tight spiral curls all over.

  • Her hair is platinum blond , long, straight, and super shiny.

  • Her hair was platinum blonde , cut into a 1950's Marilyn Monroe style, and her lips were voluptuous and red.

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