Definition Of piddle


an act of urinating.

Since I was awake at that hour, I decided to take advantage of that and do a nighttime piddle , and she tried to ensure that I didn't forget she was around by staying fairly glued to my feet.


Finally, Mattie was amazed when a German Shepherd jumped across his fence and piddled in his front garden. Two minutes later his dog did the same thing.

Example Of piddle

  • After all, he dislikes being called ‘man's best friend’ and getting blamed for piddling on a fire-hydrant not to mention someone's parade.

  • As I prepared for a piddle in the gloom, a voice from within an open cubicle warned: ‘It's flooded, mate.’

  • At noontime I let Gus out for a piddle , without attending on him, much less leashing him.

  • Clean piddle is traditionally supplied by girlfriends.

  • Even gents' public toilets are organised so that conversation need not be interrupted by the proceedings; piddling in company seems an integral part of the male bonding experience.

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