Definition Of penurious


extremely poor; poverty-stricken.

a penurious old tramp

parsimonious; mean.

he was generous and hospitable in contrast to his stingy and penurious wife

Example Of penurious

  • A comparable case is that of Iraq, where in spite of the weekly strikes by the U.S. and Britain and the penurious condition of the country, has still not thrown in the towel.

  • But then again, memory is cheaper than at any time I've ever known it, and 1 GB of RAM is affordable by all but those in the most penurious of situations.

  • He had grown up in a penurious middle-class family, and it was the middle class and the official world which predominated in his sketches, stories, and plays.

  • He is encouraged by the fact that the penurious state of the game is forcing Scottish clubs to offer greater opportunities to youngsters.

  • He survived penuriously for another 10 years but wrote only a fragment of a novel.

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