Definition Of peeper


a person who peeps at someone or something, especially in a voyeuristic way.

Say I've written this news lead out of a city council meeting: ‘Should the Seattle police be able to peep at the peepers in the peep shows?’

a small North American tree frog that has brownish-gray skin with a dark cross on the back, the males of which sing in early spring.

Listen to calls of the frogs around you, or sample frog calls on the web: the spring peeper and the common toad.

Example Of peeper

  • A chorus of spring peepers was so deafening it nearly drowned out the chorus frogs, whose exuberant songs nearly drowned out a lone, early-bird bullfrog.

  • After the extensive tour I thought it would be rude not to take up the kind offer of an eye test, and I am happy to report my peepers are in good nick.

  • And even if you don't wear mascara, curl your lashes to make peepers appear bigger and brighter.

  • But she saw nothing wrong with indulging a few kisses with the hottie with the most piercing blue peepers she has had the privilege of seeing.

  • Chemicals like chlorine can get into your contacts and dry out peepers .

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