Definition Of paralyze


cause (a person or part of the body) to become partly or wholly incapable of movement.

Mrs. Burrows had been paralyzed by a stroke

Example Of paralyze

  • A pale shadow slowly spread across the grasslands below as the darkness gradually overcame the light, taking its place in the natural balance of the world, preparing for its brief but paralysingly beautiful reign.

  • A stroke may have paralysed her body but Kate Thomas's mind is still ticking.

  • But, together, the anesthetic paralyzes the body and lets the poison reek havoc.

  • Corruption is very critical not just because it is economically critical and paralyzing our legal system, but it too has been gnawing at our ability to develop a sense of solidarity.

  • Dripping with potential but too young to realize the extent of possibilities that lie before us, life can easily seem overwhelming, paralyzing us with fear.

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