Definition Of panics


any of a number of cereal and fodder grasses related to millet.

Two of the most common, but functionally indeterminate, grass grains regularly identified from American Bottom sites are panic grass (Panicum sp.) and beardgrass.

feel or cause to feel panic.

the crowd panicked and stampeded for the exit

sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety, often causing wildly unthinking behavior.

she hit him in panic

Example Of panics

  • panic selling

  • A contemporary newspaper account told of passers-by panicking at the sight of the topper.

  • A sudden loss of liquidity - a shattering of the illusion of liquidity - was a key feature of financial panics long before asset-backed securities were introduced.

  • An early filling-up flurry by drivers sparked fears of panic buying at several Swindon garages yesterday.

  • Another is his attempt to detect whether the financial panics had any real effects.

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