Definition Of pale


a broad vertical stripe down the middle of a shield.

A narrow pale is more likely if it is uncharged, that is, if it does not have other objects placed on it.

a wooden stake or post used as an upright along with others to form a fence.

Get creative with a picket fence and have diagonal pales nailed to the horizontal boards.

become pale in one's face from shock or fear.

I paled at the thought of what she might say

feeble and unimpressive.

unconvincing rock that came across as a pale imitation of Bruce Springsteen

light in color or having little color.

choose pale floral patterns for walls

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Example Of pale

  • Although she was pale with fright and nauseous from the strain, Ava had to chuckle.

  • Because the colors overlap and blend, the effect works best with pastels or other pale shades.

  • bring these things back within the pale of decency

  • But by and large, this campaign was a pale imitation of its immediate predecessor.

  • But she knew that in bright light, those eyes would turn such a gorgeous pale colour of green.

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