Definition Of paladin


any of the twelve peers of Charlemagne's court, of whom the count palatine was the chief.

In Charlemagne's court, there are twelve legendary paladins who serve their king.

Example Of paladin

  • He knew those legends well, as well as he knew the legends of Roland and the twelve paladins , and he would be intrigued by the retelling.

  • He was also standing among a war party of almost thirty knights, paladins , and mages.

  • He would tell them epic tales of noble knights, paladins , warriors, and samurai.

  • Hurrath is known as the White King because his tendency to use diplomatic methods to gain villages and how his finest men are trained to become paladins .

  • I am Sir Theron and she is Lady Ariane, we are paladins , and deserve the title we earned.

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