Definition Of overcast


(in sewing) edged with stitching to prevent fraying.

Make new zipper stops by hand sewing a few overcast stitches on the edge of each tape just above the last tooth.

(of the sky or weather) marked by a covering of gray clouds; dull.

a chilly overcast day

clouds covering a large part of the sky.

the sky was leaden with overcast

cover with clouds or shade.

the pebbled beach, overcast with the shadows of the high cliffs

stitch over (an unfinished edge) to prevent fraying.

finish off the raw edge of the hem by overcasting it

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Example Of overcast

  • A fine, misty rain fell lightly from the overcast sky, which hung in a looming shade of dull grey.

  • A heavy overcast sky presses down relentlessly as the passing traffic swallows up the remaining air.

  • As a result, when it reaches the British Isles it tends to produce dull, overcast weather often with drizzle.

  • As he wrote a shadow overcast his folder, and he looked up to see Sarah standing next to him.

  • As was common during the war, only the flight leader would fly by instruments through this overcast .

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